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Our goal was to make our site simple and easy to use. Because of the internet's complexity and the vast number of users involved, some parts of our site may not be understood by everyone. This section is designed to explain how to navigate our site and to show you how to use some of the sections that may cause confusion. Please click one of the links below to get help on a specific aspect of our site.
Ordering Products
Checking Out
Profile Updates
Navigating our web site
At the top of each page is a group of navigational buttons used to navigate our site. Look below for a description of each button and the content currently available within that section.
Home: default.asp
This is the front door to our web site. From here you can log in or just use the navigational buttons to browse our site.
About Us: aboutus.asp
This section is a short history of Wisconsin Knife Works.
Contact Us: contact.asp
This section provides key phone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses for contacting us.
Links: links.asp
The links section provides links to other important woodworking websites. Look for this section to expand very soon and to include links to our distributors.
Products: productsmain.asp
The product section is our online catalog. It lists the main product categories and allows you to drill down in a couple of clicks to see the details of a specific WKW part number.
Technical Support: techsupport.asp
In the technical support section, you can look through our frequently asked questions, browse our technical bulletins, or ask our engineers a specific technical question.
Quick Order: quickorder.asp
The quick order page allows you to quickly enter orders, but you must know the WKW part numbers.
View Order: order.asp
In view order mode, you can check the specific parts and quantities of your order. This page also allows you to change quantities, remove items from your order, and check out.
Modify Profile: modprf.asp
Modify profile allows you to change your name, address, phone number and other information to ensure we always have the correct information in our databases. You can also change your user ID and password.
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How to order products
There are two ways to order products from our web site. If you know our part numbers, the fastest way to order is via the quick order process. Otherwise, you'll need to use our on line catalog. Regardless of the method chosen, you can always switch back and forth any time between the two.
Quick Order: quickorder.asp
On the quick order page enter the WKW part number in the Part Number field and the quantity you want to order in the Quantity field. Click Add to Order and the item will be added to your order. It may be faster to use your keyboard rather than your mouse to enter the order. Press the Tab key to switch between fields and press the Enter key to add the item to your order.

You can also update quantities and remove items from your order on this page. To update quantities just change the quantity in the order view and click Update Order. To remove items place a check mark under the Remove column and click Update Order. After you have entered all of the parts you want to order, click Check Out to continue. If you do not know all of the part numbers you want to order, you can switch anytime to the catalog method by clicking Browse Catalog.
Catalog Method: productsmain.asp
The catalog drill down method is necessary if you do not know WKW's part numbers. To order products using this method you must first select the product tab and then select a main product category. This will take you to the product sub type page or directly to a product listing if the product selected has no sub categories. To place an item into your order you must click down to the detail level of the product and click the Order button in the upper right corner. This takes you directly to the view order page.

From here you can change quantities, remove items, clear your order, order more products, or check out. To change quantities simply change the number in the quantity field and click Update Order. To remove items place a check mark under the remove column and click Update Order. To delete an entire order just click the Clear Order button. If you want to order more products, click the Order More button. (Note: Clicking Order More will take you back to the main product selection screen. If, for example, you ordered a panel pilot router bit and would like to order another, it may be easier to click your browser back button twice to go directly back to the panel pilot router bit list.)

After you have selected all of the part numbers you want to order, click Check Out to continue. Remember, you can switch to quick order any time during the catalog drill down method by clicking the Quick Order navigation button near the top of the screen.
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How to check out
Checking out is the final step in the order process. Regardless of the method used to enter your order, to check out you must always click the Check Out button on either the View Order page or the Quick Order page. If you have not already signed in at this point, you will now be asked to login. If you do not have an account with us, this is the time to create an account by clicking new customer.

Create your account following the instructions below and continue on to the check out page. From the check out page fill out any additional information requested, make sure your shipping and billing information is correct, and click Submit Order. Clicking Submit Order will update your profile, if you made any profile changes, and process your order. It is important to click Submit Order only once.
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Updating your profile
Updating your profile and creating a new user account are covered here since they are very similar processes. The main issue to consider when updating your profile or creating a new user account is our field size restrictions. Some field sizes may not be large enough all for your data. In these cases please abbreviate accordingly. Whether updating an existing profile or creating a new one, this page will let you change your user id and password by typing over the User ID field and Password field. When you are satisfied with your changes, click the Update or Create button at the bottom of the screen.
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